Hot Fudge Sauce

This recipe for Hot Fudge Sauce originated with my Grandma Gladys Greer, of St. Johns, Arizona. She boiled it for 3 minutes then quickly frosted a delicious chocolate cake with it. Grandma’s chocolate cake was a stand out! My mom, my sisters and I have continued Grandma Gladys’s tradition by boiling the recipe only one minute and using it as hot fudge sauce. Continue reading “Hot Fudge Sauce”

Brown Bag Apple Pie

This is is the juiciest apple pie! The topping is crunchy, and the flavor, with a touch of lemon, is delicious! Brown Bag Apple Pie is another recipe from my dear friend Robin who makes all things delicious!  Actually Robin and I made this pie together and had such fun. Our husbands were begging for another one!

Continue reading “Brown Bag Apple Pie”