Mediterranean Salad

Quick and Easy!

If you need a quick-to-prep salad, this fresh Mediterranean Salad is one of our go-to favorites. It combines flavors of home grown sun-kissed summer, but you can make it all year long with its readily available ingredients. The salad features cucumbers, tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella and a citrus vinaigrette. It’s as fresh as they come, and it’s as easy as it is delicious! Continue reading “Mediterranean Salad”

Gazpacho– Cold Spanish Soup

Gazpacho: Cold Spanish soup with tomato, cucumber, onion, celery, lemon and seasonings

My favorite thing to eat during the summer is Gazpacho, a cold Spanish soup from the South of Spain. For me, eating spoonfuls of gazpacho feels like dipping into a cool pool and the scent is like a garden of fresh vegetables. Basically, Spain is my favorite country! I studied in Spain while I was in college and I have loved going back again and again. Continue reading “Gazpacho– Cold Spanish Soup”