Hot Fudge Sauce

This recipe for Hot Fudge Sauce originated with my Grandma Gladys Greer, of St. Johns, Arizona. She boiled it for 3 minutes then quickly frosted a delicious chocolate cake with it. Grandma’s chocolate cake was a stand out! My mom, my sisters and I have continued Grandma Gladys’s tradition by boiling the recipe only one minute and using it as hot fudge sauce. Continue reading “Hot Fudge Sauce”

Buttermilk Syrup

Growing up, I actually hated syrup on my pancakes. My taste buds have since changed and I now love syrup (my waistline would probably be happier if I didn’t like it!). But, I am convinced that if the 8-year-old me that hated syrup had tried this buttermilk syrup I would have come around a lot faster!

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