Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Mediterranean food holds special place in my heart (and stomach). It always brings back a ton of memories for me. When I was in college I spent 4 months studying and living in Jerusalem, Israel. So every time I make or eat hummus, pitas, tzatziki, schwarma, I can’t help but think of my days wandering around streets of the Old City, usually with a falafel stuffed pita in my hand. Continue reading “Roasted Red Pepper Hummus”

Classic Greek Salad & Vinaigrette

Mediterranean food is my favorite! This is the freshest, most flavorful salad you’ll find! We’re trying out yesterday’s Greek Seasoning Blend in today’s delicious Greek Vinaigrette. So easy and so nutritious!  Continue reading “Classic Greek Salad & Vinaigrette”

Greek Seasoning Blend

Add traditional Greek flavors to your menu by using our Greek herb and spice blend on meat, seafood, vegetables, kabobs and salads. It’s a great go-to blend for any recipe that calls for Greek seasoning. Continue reading “Greek Seasoning Blend”

Candy Loaded Oatmeal Cookie Bars

These cookie bars are a favorite around our house. They’re super quick, just mix and dump into a pan, and bake. They’re super versatile and they always turn out perfectly! I always find myself making these right after Halloween with all the leftover candy I have. But these are not limited to Halloween and are wonderful year round. Continue reading “Candy Loaded Oatmeal Cookie Bars”

Kale Breakfast Salad

Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal, I’ve been known to eat breakfast for lunch and dinner regularly. I mean what’s not to love? You can all sorts of pastries, really just dessert for a meal and no one looks at you funny. Beyond that, I love all the savory breakfast foods too. So trust me when I say that this kale breakfast salad is going to be your new favorite.

Continue reading “Kale Breakfast Salad”

Butter Pecan Cookies

Butter pecan is one of those flavors that I think is often over looked. And maybe it’s because people just aren’t doing it right! I mean, the last time I had butter pecan ice cream it mostly tasted like vanilla ice cream with a few nuts in it. REAL butter pecan flavor should be rich, buttery, and have a toasted nut flavor. Continue reading “Butter Pecan Cookies”

Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese, and Sausage Pasta

The flavors of this pasta dish together make my taste buds do a little dance. The sweet and savory butternut squash, tangy and rich goat cheese, flavorful sausage, topped off with fresh Parmesan and dried thyme. Continue reading “Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese, and Sausage Pasta”

Harvest Spread

Everyone loves this Harvest Spread! The combination of sweet, salty, spicy, creamy and crunchy, is oh-so-delicious! It’s a great served with all different kinds of crackers. The colors are pretty fall tones! We call it “Harvest Spread” during the autumn months and “Holiday Spread” around Christmas time!      Continue reading “Harvest Spread”