International Peanut M&Ms Review–Thai Coconut, English Toffee, Mexican Jalapeno

thai coconut, mexican jalapeno, and english toffee peanut m&ms

The second I saw these internationally inspired m&ms online I knew I HAD to try them! Thai Coconut, English Toffee, and Mexican Jalapeno—I mean c’mon, how could you not be intrigued.

I spent months trying to hunt them down, but everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE was out of stock! I finally found the Mexican Jalapeno Peanut m&ms at my local dollar store and kept on hunting for the others. Then, last week, I had an amazon package on doorstep and inside were three packages of m&ms!

Did I accidently order them? I had been contemplating it. Did my husband order them? Nope. MY MOM! My sweet, thoughtful mom. Seriously you guys, she’s always so thoughtful and this was the best surprise! She knew I’d been obsessively looking for them and just ordered and mailed them to me (Thanks Mom!)

(order yours here off of Amazon here!)

I don’t normally do a full blog post on snack reviews, but with three flavors to review, it felt too long to put on just Instagram. BTW are you following us in instagram? Because you should be!

Okay, down to business.

All of these flavors were so spot on! I was so pleasantly surprised by all of them! At first bite each one tasted like a regular old peanut m&m and then POW! FLAVOR! And what I was most surprised by was which one was my least favorite…

Not that I disliked any of them! In fact, I really enjoyed all of them!

Thai Coconut Peanut M&Ms

This one was by far my favorite! I went in thinking that it was going to just taste like coconut. I really like coconut flavored desserts so I was super excited try this one. But this isn’t just a coconut peanut m&m, it’s a THAI coconut peanut m&m. So you definitely get the coconut flavor, but what’s that? Coconut curry? A hint of lemon grass? They’re not lying when they say Thai coconut, and this embody all of that! Ugh so good, I wish these would stay forever.

English Toffee Peanut M&Ms

This I expected to be my favorite, but it was actually my least favorite (again, not that it was bad). It just wasn’t as exciting as the other two. This toffee flavor had hints of caramel and coffee in it. Definitely fulfilled the English toffee m&m void I didn’t know I had.

Mexican Jalapeno Peanut M&Ms

Wow, just wow. This was an unexpected flavor. First bite, peanut m&m and then that smoky jalapeno heat just hits you! And not gross like some of you might imagine, it worked with the chocolate, crispy candy shell, and peanut! Still can’t get over how that they got that jalapeno flavor so perfect.

Buy them and try them for yourself! Have you tried one or all of the flavors? Comment below and tell us what you thought!


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