How to Segment a Grapefruit (or other Citrus Fruits!)

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Learning how to segment a grapefruit is a super simple technique that you can use, not only on grapefruit, but all citrus fruits! When you segment a grapefruit (or other citrus) you are removing the outer peel and the membrane surrounding the fruit to get the fruit completely skin free!

Why segment a grapefruit?

I’m guessing if you’re on this page you may already know why you want to segment a grapefruit, but for those that don’t, let me explain.

Some of you guys might be thinking well I eat the membrane or skin surrounding oranges all the time, why can’t I eat the membrane on grapefruits. Well, you can eat the skin, but you’re not going to want to. Unlike oranges, the membrane surrounding grapefruit segments is super thick and it’s a lot harder to chew through than oranges or tangerines. The membrane is also super bitter so your taste buds are going to be a lot happier.

What to do with the Peel after?

I love the flavor and smell of citrus! The peels of grapefruit or any citrus are so fragrant and have so many great flavors in them! So what can you do with them? My favorite and the easiest thing to do with them is to infuse water with them! Make sure you wash the peels before you use them, but simply throw them in a pitcher with water and you’ll have a delicious grapefruit infused water! If you want to get really fancy, throw some mint or basil in there with, it is SO delicious and refreshing!

You can also save them to make candied peels! Or zest the peels and throw it in a bag in the freezer until you need it. Grapefruit zest would be a delicious addition to salad dressings!

My favorite way to use segmented grapefruit is in this crazy delicious and super fresh Grapefruit Mint Kale Salad.

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How to Segment a Grapefruit (or other Citrus Fruits!)

How to Segment a Grapefruit (or other Citrus Fruits!)

We'll teach you how to segment or supreme a grapefruit! This technique can be used on any type of citrus.


whole grapefruit

1.Start by identifying your “north” and “south” of the grapefruit. The easiest way to do this is by looking for the little nub where it was once attached to the tree. That nub will be your north.

top of grapefruit sliced off

2.Slice off the “north” and “South” ends of the grapefruit. You are trying to preserve as much of the grapefruit as possible so start by slicing just a little, you can cut off more if you need to. You want to cut off just enough of the top and bottom that you expose the grapefruit flesh and can see the segmentation at the top.

Sides of grapefruit sliced away

3.Take your knife and start to cut away the peel. I cut North to South and try to follow the curve of the grapefruit. Again, you’re trying to preserve as much of the grapefruit as possible so you want to catch as little of the flesh as possible when removing the peel. If you have any visible white pith or peel remaining, cut them off.

slicing in between segments of the grapefruit

4.Once you have removed the peel and any remaining pith, you will want to start cutting the sections of your grapefruit or “supreme” your grapefruit. “Supreme” is the official culinary term for sectioning a grapefruit (or other citrus fruits).

5.Take your knife and slice on each side of the fruit segment, leaving the tough membrane in between each segment. Remove the segment and repeat until all the segments are removed from the grapefruit membrane. Use your grapefruit segments as desired.

grapefruit segments

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