The Perfect Banana Bread

I’m one of those people that if there is even one brown speckle on my banana then I’m not going to eat it. I prefer my bananas a little green, I guess it’s one of my flaws. So, as you can imagine, I’ve had a lot of bananas go uneaten over the years. And for a very long time now I Continue reading “The Perfect Banana Bread”

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How to Seed a Pomegranate

I’m currently over in India visiting one of my best friends, Wendy! Our friend Flora showed us the easiest way to seed a pomegranate! Check out this quick video to see how to do it

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Stabilized Whipped Cream

Sometimes I need to pipe swirls of whipped cream on a dessert a few hours ahead of time. Even if I’m just leaving it in a bowl in the refrigerator, there are times when I need to whip the cream a few hours before I serve it. Continue reading “Stabilized Whipped Cream”

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Basic Cooking Terms

This post is a glossary of basic cooking and food preparation terms that might be helpful as you’re reading recipes. We’re also including a link to a brief power point presentation that includes pictures along with the definitions. You’ll find it in the “Cooking Tips and Tricks” section if you’d like to refer back to it.

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How to Measure Flour Correctly

Measuring flour. Seems simple, right? Yes, it is simple. However, if you skip this easy step you can end up with too much flour in your baked goods.

Check this out:

Each of these bowls contains “1 cup” of flour. Each was measured a little differently and then weighed to show the difference.

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