Dianna & Alyssa’s Healthy Guide to Eating at Disneyland

Disneyland castle, healthy guide to eating

If you know us, or maybe if you don’t, you probably already know we LOVE Disneyland. We’ve been annual passholders for nearly 15 years! And with Alyssa now living close to the parks it is so easy for us to pop over for a quick visit. It’s no secret we are total foodies, especially Disneyland foodies, but sometimes when hit up the Happiest Place on Earth we’re not looking to indulge, and with summer right around the corner we’re trying our best to be healthy! So we thought today we’d share with you our HEALTHY AND LIGHT FOOD GUIDE TO DISNEYLAND! Continue reading “Dianna & Alyssa’s Healthy Guide to Eating at Disneyland”

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