Halloween Cupcakes – Monsters!

It’s a Monster Bash! Pull out all the stops and get ready for some creative fun! These crazy creatures are on the fun side of “spooky” and are sure to delight your guests. Make your favorite cupcake recipe, box mix, or use our vanilla cupcake recipe (see blog post for Halloween Cupcakes – Witch Legs) or our chocolate cupcake recipe (see blog post for Halloween Cupcakes – Spider Webs.) Then whip up our buttercream frosting recipe (see blog post for Halloween Cupcakes – Pumpkins.) 

Choose some wild shades for your monsters, then color buttercream frosting with paste or gel food color. For the google eyed monsters (top of first picture), we simply used the Wilton coupler base inserted in a pastry bag to give us a medium sized round opening. We piped the frosting in puffs, then added toothpicks adorned with mini marshmallows, a dab of frosting and candy eyes.  For the additional monsters, just pipe stars over the cupcake surface with a Wilton #18 open star tip or other size star tip.

Let your imagination run wild as you think of the faces to give your monster gang! It’s so easy to use Airheads to mold all types of features. Stretch the candy so it’s thinner to cut out circles for eyes. Roll thin ropes for mouths, scars, eyebrows … you get the idea! We used airhead circles topped with candy eyes; it’s almost like working with fondant. You get great colors and an economical medium.

Let the kids get involved this holiday season and see who can make the craziest monster — Happy Halloween!



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